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Hello! Been having on my list (inside my head) about doing this kind of post about Skin, Hair, Body, etc care. I gonna start with Hair Care. You can see my hair story here

On March 2011 I got a really short Haircut, I was not use to take care of my hair like I do now, but this kind of hair cut forced me to it and now I keep doing so.

Same year in Oct 2011, I went to a lady who a friend recommended to me, she told me she cuts hair really nice, so I went to her and told her that my hair was stuck and couldn't make it grow (my hair grows pretty fast, but for some reason it was stuck) She told me the hair cut I had it was making my hair stuck and not growing freely. The thing is, she told me she will make my hair grow after the haircut she will do me.  After a yr my hair is really long like 3 yrs ago.   My natural hair is dark brown, weavy, think and I have a lot like a lion! In Puerto Rico the humidity is higher than 50% so is a challenge to keep the hair straight. 

To keep it long, strong and shine here's what I use and do.

  1. I dye my hair at home, right now I'm using light auburn brown from Clairol Professional with ion sensitive scalp 30 volume developer, every 2 months.  I cut my hair every 5 to 6 months... I know it should be more but I always forget =\ Bad habit that I wanna change!
  2. I wash my hair every 4 to 5 days.  Doing a combination between natural waves and flat.  Example, one week I use it flat, next time I use it natural.  
  3. When I Iron my hair I use  Ion, Smooth Polish shampoo and conditioner .  When I apply the conditioner I use a comb to get rid of any tangle in my hair and let it there for 3 mins aprox. Then I rinse with cold water. 
  4. After rinse I let my hair dry a bit and then I apply 2-3 drops of  Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Pure Treatment Oil to blow dry my hair with a round brush, I try to dry my hair in a open place to avoid humidity made by the hot air.  I also put my blow dryer on cold temperature to fresh my hair and scalp. After drying my hair completely, I let it cold and apply Beyond the Zone Turn up the Heat spray all over my hair.  Then with a small comb I iron my hair.  
  5. After done ironing, I apply a small drop of  Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Pure Treatment Oil to my ends like doing a pony tail. 
  6. don't keep ironing my hair during the week, I just use a flat brush and using my dryer I retouch the ends in case is needed. 
  7. When I want it natural (rest from the heat) I just wash my hair with Pantene and when is drying I apply few drops of Garnier Fructis Style Sleek and Shine. 
  8. For curly hair I use Beyond the Zone pro formula Noodle Head spray and then Pantene medium - thick hair style Mousse and let it dry. 
  9. Other tips: I drink water instead of coke or juices and I take multi vitamins (Ultra Woman) daily.  I try not to do many pony tails on my hair so I don break it.  I try to use a cap or hat when Im exposed to the sun, since it can damage it very bad. I never go to sleep with dirty hair from the beach or pool. 
Curly Hair 

Products Review: 

Ion, Smooth Polish shampoo and conditioner: I can feel the difference when I'm using Ion Vs Pantene.  With Ion my hair feels really smooth, freeze controlled and soft, it also looks really shining and the drying and ironing process is easier.  With Pantene my hair feels dry, puffy and dosnt shine that much.  I got it at Sally Supply on a Christmas offer where you could get 2 x $14.  My sister use the red one that helps you hair to get stronger and it also works pretty well for her, so I recommend you to try it out if you get a chance.  

Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Pure Treatment Oil: This oil has helped me so much! I used to retouch my hair a lot but not anymore because this helps my hair stay flat longer with no worries about humidity. I love it! From Sephora.

Beyond the Zone Turn up the Heat: This one is to protect the hair from the iron heat. Its helps me a lot to be faster with my hair. From Sally Supply. 

This 3 products are my LIFE SAVER! 

All products were bought by me. 

Please if you got any question, let me know!!!  Tell me whats your favorite hair product, how you find it and why you love it?
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Really these products are very helpful ti grow our hair!! Am Very happy to view this page and i want to take advantage to try this product!

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