RIP Kelly

Yeah, you read it right, I lost another pet... this time my lovely cat.  I cant believe shes gone, she got hit by a car minutes later after  I started laundry and like always, she was at my side... I went to watch TV while laundry was done, until I heard my dog Snoopy barfing a lot, he saw her in pain, at the other side of the street.  My brother ran to her to see what happened, she was in agony suffering... All i could do was see her laying there, screaming and crying.  Kelly was like a friend and a mommy for me because she was always taking care of, in my room watching me while i was doing my stuff at home, waiting for me at the living room or balcony when i was out during night. We were really close to each other, always playing around and doing me company, now that I lost her is so hard to believe after having her for 6yrs sleeping always with me, in my bed and doing mess (playing with stuff around my room) she even had a plushy of mine that she liked a lot to sleep with it in my bed. I miss her so bad, she was beautiful.  This is so hard for me... 

RIP Kelly 2006-2012
Please, try to be careful when passing by on the streets, please drive slowly, there's animals and kids playing around, yesterday it was my cat, we never know who can be next.  Who ever did, didn't only took my cat, it took a big part of me because she meant a lot to me.  I know I still have my other 2 cats but they are nothing like Kelly, those 2 likes to be alone and away of everyone, Kelly loved to be around us. I will do anything to have her back :(
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Vanity and Vodka said...

I am so so sorry for your loss :( She was so very lucky to have you, and you were lucky to have her for the time that you did. Sending love and blessings your way... Take it one day at a time.

Desirée V. said...

:( This is horrible. I'm sorry for your loss!

Yo siempre tengo ese miedo que le pase a mis gatos. Son mis compañeros (en especial mi viejito de 13 añitos). Espero tu familia y tú se recuperen de esta pérdida pronto. Por lo menos tuviste la oportunidad de tener una amiguita muy especial.

Kayono (Neues vom Kellerkind) said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. This is one of the things I'm afraid of concerning my own cats, because traffic is quite high here. I'm so sorry to hear that it happened to Kelly... I'm sure she'll be with you forever still. Love and blessings for you. I'm feeling with you.

Impoverished by Polish said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this, your post brought tears to my eyes because it really reminded me what a special companion you had in Kelly. I hope you feel better soon, and my best wishes go to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. It's hard to lose a loved one, especially in such a tragic way. I'm sure she's still watching over your from wherever she may be right now. :)

I am also a cat owner, and because of this I don't let my cats outside. I always worry something like that might happen to them. :(

Fashion Sky said...

Don't be sad,dear.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your kitty! She was a very cute one.

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