My Nail Art Collection

Hello! Long ago, someone asked me for photos about the items I use for nail art.  I gonna start with the glitters.

Many of the glitters I got are from e-bay.  This are heart and star shape, got them aprox $3 including shipping.

Same with this, hexagonal glitter got it for $3 each including shipping.  I placed them by colors in the clear box that came with.

I got this ones from La Española, 4 x .50 cents. This are glitter bars, hexagonal glitters and dust glitter. 

This one is from Sally Supply, for $1.99

This mini glitter dust jars are from the supermarket, got it from a nail art kit, the price was 2 (nail art kit = 2 jars + 1 mini polish)  x $1.99, I got 3 kits. This glitters are really thin. 

I don't use this that much because of lack of motivation and imagination but I been looking for some ideas around to get some inspiration.

Thank for passing by and sorry for posting so short lately, Im still feeling affected about Kelly...
The good new is, there's a newborn kitty in black, that might be mine in 2 months... ONLY if is fluffy like Kelly. 
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HavokRose said...

So much glitter! You should make some of your own nail polish with all this awesome stuff! I'm jealous.

LadyLuck said...

Would love to but I need an special thing to do it so the glitter dosnt go to the bottom O.o

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