A Cut Above Mint Sorbet

Hello dear reader, sorry  for being absent (been sick with a cold/flu, still Im.) Here's the manicure I wore for July 4, I went to see the caves with my old school friends that I know for more than 10yrs. During those days my nails reminded me of Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) I might try some nail art doing same thing and see if it looks like it. 

For this look, I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Hard as Nail Xtreme wear in Mint Sorbet, after completely dry, I used one coat of Essie A Cut Above.

Some photos from my trip:

Camuy Caverns:

Lares Ice Creams
Carrot | Coconut + Cinnamon |  Mango | Rice and beans | Guama | Pumpkin 

Pumpkin and Corn Ice cream 

Indian Cave, Arecibo

Done with the photos! Thanks for passing by, I hope you liked how beautiful my Puerto Rico is! Have a great weekend! 

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beachgal said...

These look great together - almost as if you mixed the Essie into the Sally. I have not been a fan of this chunky glitter from Essie but I have a bottle of it - I might just try this as I have a mint green that never looks right on me alone - it's too chalky looking when I get it on. I have been to PR only 1 time and not long enough time spent. Was there to visit family of a friend/co-worker who I took care of his personal things while he got called up to Gulf War 1. Most of the time I was having to hang with his family so did not get out to see much. I would love, love to come back. Your photos are beautiful. I love living close to the ocean and I don't like cold weather and I love warm ocean water. If I thought I could make ends meet living there, I would give it a try. It came to me as a very wonderful place with a lot of happy and warm people.

Impoverished by Polish said...

I love this combination, those 2 colors work really well together. I've always wanted to travel more in general, but your pics definitely make me put PR on the list of places I must go! It looks very beautiful there, I love hiking and nature so all of your pics make Puerto Rico appeal to me. Thanks for sharing. :)

fashion-hot said...

I absolutely LOVE the colours!

Luxury Sky said...

Your photo’s are always so gorgeous! This blog is perfect (:

Today Fashion said...

Love the pictures – they are beautiful!

Fashion Heaven said...

Great photos! trip looked amazing.

Fashion Times said...

Summer time and cute nails! It’s time to try something new, something unusual.

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