My hair story

Hello everyone! I been thinking about doing a post about my hair long time ago, why? Because I love to change my hair often at least once a year.  Change my hair is like giving a big change to my life, since I like to do it drastic and randomly (friends never expect whats next).  Lets start! 

WARNING makeup fail on the way! 

Redish Brown, long simple layers  haircut. 
Redish brown but more red than brown... if u know what I mean? lol!  This time I had bangs and no layers. 

We still on 2007! Black long layered hair with hot red bang.... 
Black hair, layers and bright pink bangs - my favorite look!
It was also purple, but cant find pictures of it on my facebook -.-

All black and layers 

I started to let it grow 

Its mandatory for me do layers because my hair isn't curly or straight, its all waves and thick.
I was tired of black, so I let it grow to get rid of it.

My hair was half black and half natural... Until one day...
I cut it up to my shoulders, highlights and natural brown. Many people were shock about this drastic change. 

This is how it started to grow

I kept same hair cut but instead of golden highlights I made them pink!

I dyed my hair dark brown and started to let it grow...

Until I cut it again lol... same color. 

Then I got ugly bangs... My hair isnt use to it so it was hard to keep it like it should be -__-"

So I gave up...

I let it grow again, to start something different for my next haircut... 
Yeah I love Yoshi!

And then!!! Short on my neck, long on front (bob short) short short bang (I wasnt that happy about it) and redish brown, under the sun it was looking almost orange O.o

Curly version

I got a new hair cut later on Oct. same year.  This time it was redish brown but dark.  
This was the last time I had a hair cut.

I changed color later on to light redish brown

This is how my hair looks like at the moment, this picture was taken last month, as you can see is getting long pretty fast, there will be a surprise soon... stay tune!

Thanks for passing by! Tell me your hair story, you can make a post and leave the link below.  Thanks so much!
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Lynn said...

I loved reading about your hair story!! Mine is pretty boring with one bad, bad, cut thrown in there. Haha

LadyLuck said...

Why dont make a change? Something fun? Maybe bangs or new color? Anything is always good :)

PrincessPoly430 said...

Te falta rubia y ya

WitchHazel said...

Loved looking through these pix. I regret not having photos of all the changes I went through, esp when I was younger. Can't wait to see what you're gonna do next! ;D

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